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Covid Testing Center | Faith Medical Clinic

Covid Testing Center

One of the services that Faith Medical Clinic is proud to offer is a Covid testing center. The test that we offer is a rapid COVID-19 test, providing results in as little as ten minutes. With the pandemic continuing to grow largely uncontrolled and vaccine distribution expected to take months, access to quick testing can make a difference.

What is a Rapid Test ?

A rapid test is a type of diagnostic test, letting you know if you have a COVID-19 infection. The rapid tests measure the number of antigens or immune response-producing substances that you have. Trained medical professionals administer these tests at a Covid testing center.

The results from these tests are available in about 10 minutes. Being able to receive faster results helps patients to get the care they need faster.

Are Rapid Tests Reliable?

Rapid tests are the most reliable when used as early as possible after infection because the virus load in the nasal passages and throat is higher. During the early stages, you are capable of infecting others even if you are not showing symptoms.

Easy access to a Covid testing center can help you get subsequent tests after having tested negative one or more times previously. If a rapid test from a Covid testing center is positive, you can get further confirmation through a molecular test.

False-negative tests are possible five to seven days after symptoms arise because of a lack of antigens. The same type of result is also possible when testing too early. In these circumstances, a positive test is more likely one to two days after testing negative.

Who Are These Tests Most Intended For?

Some of the people these tests are most useful for include tracking for those involved in an outbreak, anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or anyone who has symptoms. These circumstances are ideal for use at a Covid testing center.

These tests are helpful for testing larger groups of people, particularly if there are concerns about exposure to others who have become infected. These tests are also effective for community spread tracking.

What About These Tests and Being Contagious?

Taking advantage of a Covid testing center is important because of an overlap in the times when you are contagious and when you show symptoms. You might be capable of spreading the virus three days before you have symptoms.

The most contagious point is two days before you begin feeling sick. Most patients will need to quarantine for ten to 14 days, and hospitalized patients will require isolation for 20 or more days.

How Will I Stay Safe When Getting Tested?

When you go to our Covid testing center, you can be sure that we will take every precaution to keep you safe. Our staff maintains proper social distancing and sanitizing procedures in all waiting rooms, drive thru, curbside care and exam areas. When we administer your COVID-19 test, our staff will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Faith Medical Clinic in Canyon, TX is a Covid testing center, call us to learn more about how we can help.