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Covid Vaccine

Many people have awaited access to a Covid vaccine, especially if they are a healthcare worker or anyone else eligible to receive a vaccine early. Faith Medical Clinic offers the Moderna vaccine, the second COVID-19 vaccination to receive Emergency Use Authorization.

What is the Moderna Vaccine?

The Covid vaccine from Moderna is an mRNA shot containing virus material that causes your body to create a special protein. Your immune system reacts by building cells that can fight the virus should you end up infected.

This vaccine is given as two shots spaced 28 days apart from each other. The shot goes into the upper arm, in the muscle layer. Eggs, latex, and preservatives are not ingredients in the Covid vaccine.

Who Should Get the Vaccine and Who Should Avoid It?

This Covid vaccine has been approved for adults who are 18 or older. The effectiveness in people under 18 is unknown as of now.

Anyone who has had an allergic reaction occur within four hours of the first dose, such as difficulty breathing, swelling or hives should refrain from a second dose.

Those who have had anaphylaxis or a severe reaction to any of the ingredients should not take the vaccine. Asking a doctor first before receiving a Covid vaccine is a good idea if you have concerns about the vaccine.

Common Side Effects

Pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site are common, and you might get chills, a headache, or feel tired. In most cases, the side effects happen one or two days after the shot.

These symptoms might feel like having the flu, but usually, go away after a day or so. Most people will not experience side effects that last for long after the Covid vaccine.

What to Expect Before Your Shot

Our clinic follows all recommended protocols for administering the Covid vaccine, including the use of masks. To get the most benefit from using your mask, make sure you wear it over your nose and mouth.

Make sure you stay at least six feet away from others outside your household in waiting areas. Our staff is thoroughly sanitizing waiting and exam areas to help keep you safe during your Covid vaccine appointment.

During and After Your Shot

The healthcare professional who provides the Covid vaccine will make sure the injection area is cleaned first. You might feel some brief pain and pressure when you receive the injection.

A printout or vaccine card will verify the date you received the shot, where you received the shot, and that you received the Moderna Covid vaccine. You will also receive a printout that provides additional information about your vaccine.

What About Monitoring?

Our staff will provide on-site monitoring for you immediately after getting the Covid vaccine so you can receive prompt attention in the event of any problems. You can return home shortly after receiving your shot.

Call or contact us through our website to schedule your shot.