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Curbside Care

Access to quality healthcare matters and convenience is a big part of how many decide which medical provider to visit. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as flu season, have made many think carefully about how they prefer to get their healthcare. Faith Medical Clinic in Canyon, Texas have made this decision easier by offering Curbside Care.

The Advantages of Curbside Visits

One of the biggest benefits of Curbside Care is that you can skip a visit inside the clinic. You obviously want to avoid getting either COVID-19 or the flu. The cooler months, especially when school is in session, are a time when you have to think about getting the cold or other viruses that make the rounds.

Being able to get curbside treatment is a way to help reduce the risk of catching something contagious. Our professionals that provide Curbside Care will visit you at your car. You might even be able to finish up sooner than you initially thought.

 How Does Curbside Care Work?

When you decide to take advantage of our curbside options, simply pull into one of our spaces to get started. Text the clinic with your space number and one of our staff will be out to assist you shortly.

You can just sit back and enjoy listening to your favorite podcast or reading a book while you're waiting. Feel free to enjoy a snack or beverage while you wait. You can stay as relaxed as you need to while waiting for your appointment.

What Medical Needs Can You Have Taken Care Of?

When you opt to have Curbside Care, you can have services such as prescription refills, strep throat screenings, and labs done easily. Rest assured that our staff will comply with all necessary safety precautions. We consider preventing infection of vital importance.

Certain medical procedures are impossible to perform at curbside, such as pap smears, will not be available. However, in the event you have a need for a service not available through Curbside Care, all you need to do is reach out to our staff. We will be glad to have you come inside and we will take care of you inside our location.

 A Good Solution for Parents

If you have school-age kids, you're likely to be concerned about how much they're around other people during flu season. The good news is that you don't need to have your family wait in the waiting area. You can allow them to entertain themselves the way they normally would in the car while you're waiting to receive Curbside Care.

Parents with younger kids who might not understand the idea of social distancing will also benefit from not being in the waiting area. Your younger children will be able to wait comfortably until it's your turn. Because Curbside Care will be something new and different, your kids will be more likely to see it as a bit of an adventure.

Protecting the Vulnerable

Part of our mission to provide good care includes protecting the medically vulnerable. The elderly and people with conditions like heart disease or diabetes are more vulnerable to severe COVID-19 symptoms. People in these categories may also get more severe symptoms from the flu.

People who are more likely to become severely ill will benefit from avoiding the clinic's waiting while flu season and the pandemic are going on. Curbside Care makes it possible for you to get the care that you need without taking needless risks. When you use our care in any setting, you can trust us to take every precaution to help keep you safe.

Faith Medical Clinic teams in Canyon is ready to provide you with medical attention through Curbside Care.