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A licensed nurse practitioner can visit you at your home.

House Call in Amarillo | Faith Medical Clinic

There are many situations where a house call is preferable to an in-office visit, our house calls are designed for patients over the age of 65 who are not able to come in for an office visit. We cover at least a 60 mile radius from our current locations in Canyon and Hereford. Sometimes you might require specialized care, or might not be able to leave the house for appointments due to driving restrictions or other factors. The range of home care services we offer makes it easier for you to get the necessary care.

Changes in the Medications You Need

If you have a new or changed medication dose, especially for specialty medications difficult to self-administer, a house call can be beneficial. Some medications, such as coumadin, are easiest to change under medical guidance. Medication compliance can be difficult for some patients without assistance, which makes home visits useful.

Addressing Knowledge Deficits and Mental Health Issues

If knowledge deficits are an issue for yourself or a loved one, a house call can be helpful for addressing these concerns. In the case of patients returning from the hospital, rehabilitation, or the ER, we can help regardless of whether the assistance needed is short or long-term.

A house call is also ideal for patients coping with mental health issues. Home visits are a good way to address these conditions without the added stress of visiting a doctors' office. You or your loved one can get the necessary care in the comfort of a familiar setting.

When a patient has difficulty understanding aspects of self-care because of cognitive decline, disability, or mental health disorders, having access to a house call can make a difference. The more relaxed setting of one's home often makes the visit less stressful. You don't have to think about being in a waiting room for an extended time.

Mobility Issues and Prosthetics

Muscle weakness and falls can be caused by many health conditions that require further examination. Difficulty transferring from a bed, chair, or other location is also possible when a patient has a medical condition affecting their gait or balance. A house call is a good way to address plans for living with these types of challenges.

When patients need to use prosthetics or assistive devices, it is likely that some training will be necessary to help get used to life with these devices. Having a house call can help users get used to these devices, as well as help evaluate their need for further assistance.

Wound Care

Certain kinds of wounds and skin tears related to health conditions require what might become regular care. Diabetics, in particular, are likely to end up with skin issues requiring attention. Being able to receive wound care during a house call is a good way to keep the condition from worsening and requiring hospitalization.

Another advantage of getting wound care during a home visit is saving a trip to an outpatient facility. You or your loved one can wait in a comfortable spot, at home, while you're waiting for your appointment. When you have wounds from an infection or trauma that are painful, being able to avoid a car ride to get care is always helpful.

Bladder Training, Ostomy Education, and Catheters

We can do Foley catheter replacement and education as part of a house call. Having to use a catheter is an adjustment for many people that requires help. When you or your loved one can get assistance, using a catheter is a lot less bothersome.

Bladder training is also something that we can handle as part of a home visit. We also provide education for an ostomy. These services that we can handle on a house call will make it easier to manage your conditions.

Faith Medical Clinic can help you with all your house call needs, contact us to learn more.