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X Ray

Affordable x ray options provide peace of mind for people who are seeking care for a medical issue. Even though x rays are procedures that most of us will need to have performed at some point, the cost is an issue of concern, especially for uninsured or underinsured patients. Finding a solution that puts this care within reach is important for anyone with medical needs.

Faith Medical Clinic has helped make it easier for patients to afford x ray through memberships. This plan makes it easier for patients to afford an xray or other procedures when necessary. Not having insurance or not having enough insurance should never be a reason to forego necessary medical care.

How X Ray Costs Might Differ

The cost of an x ray might differ depending on the location of the trauma or suspected illness, whether contrast is necessary, and how many views the technician has to take. Some insurance plans are limited in how much coverage they offer for imaging, such as having an x ray. Taking advantage of plans such as Faith Medical Clinic offers can help you avoid higher, and sometimes, unexpected, costs.

Chest X Rays

Chest x rays are among some of the most commonly performed and are usually done for a broad number of reasons. For example, an x ray is one of the ways that doctors diagnose conditions like pneumonia. It is also fairly common for doctors to order an x ray before surgical procedures, especially for patients living with certain conditions.

Abdominal X Rays

Abdominal x rays are commonly used to determine the cause of moderate or severe abdominal pain that might indicate a severe problem. These imaging procedures can also help diagnose traumatic injuries to the area that require attention. An x ray performed in a timely manner makes a difference in many cases.

Back, Shoulder and Neck X Rays

Injuries to your back, shoulders, or neck can be particularly debilitating. Properly diagnosing injuries or other conditions affecting these areas makes it easier for your medical team to plan a course of treatment that works. The longer injuries or disorders that affect these areas go improperly treated, the longer you will likely need to recover, which makes access to care including getting an x ray all the more important.

Leg, Arm, and Knee X Rays

The arms, legs, and knees are among some of the areas most commonly injured, especially among children and teens who play sports. One of the things worth keeping in mind about having x rays in these areas is that multiple takes might be necessary. Having access to an affordable x ray option takes away much of the difficulty for people in these circumstances.

Why X Rays Can Get Expensive

The level of insurance, if any, that people have may vary greatly. Although most health insurance will cover diagnostic and imaging procedures deemed medically necessary, patients who have yet to meet their deductible or who have high co-pay amounts can end up paying a lot out-of-pocket. Plans from Faith Medical Clinic that cover x ray and other procedures put the medical treatment that you need within easier reach because insurance does not come into play.

Take Charge of Your Health Today

Making the decision to get a plan from Faith Medical Clinic can be one of the wisest decisions that you will make. Even though many of the medical expenses that we end up facing are unexpected, having the tools to make sure they are easier to manage makes a broad impact. While you might not be able to control any unexpected medical emergencies that arise, you can take steps to make sure you're better prepared for the costs, including having an unexpected x ray done.